Kodex (Review)


  • Title: Kodex
  • Author: R.K. Holliday
  • Pages: 23
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Price: $0.99 (as of 11/18/2014)


In this short story, millions are waiting. The team is trying to find answers. Time is running out. They could save the world if it’s not too late. Could this new sign of technology and life be the answer to the earth’s unstable future?

Kodex book coverREVIEW:

It seems like this story is about Karen, an astronaut who’s searching for something called the Kodex. The Kodex is an important piece of technology located on another planet. During her outer space search for the Kodex, Karen’s co-astronaut sabotages her attempt to find the Kodex which puts everyone on the spaceship in a life-threatening situation.

The author’s description of this story perfectly reveals what to expect: choppy sentences with incomplete thoughts. I really have no idea what I just read. This seems to be a prequel to the next book in the series but the setup was so confusing that I struggled to understand what was going on exactly. At first I wondered if the choppy sentence structure was the author’s attempt to portray a specific voice, but paired with flat characters and frequent spelling, grammar and syntax errors, it seems more likely that the author simply failed to consult an editor. I know it’s difficult to convey personalities, plot purpose and other important elements in prequels, but these obstacles can be overcome with good planning and thoughtfulness, both of which were severely lacking in this case.


  • Creative descriptions

Didn’t Love:

  • Confusing sentences
  • Spelling, grammatical and syntax errors (e.g. “through” instead of “threw”)
  • Flat characters


  • “Don’t go down there, Karen” (opening sentence)
  • “Only a dozen were left of the group and their spirits were darker than the emptiness she wanted to penetrate”
  • “Adventure is a horrible companion that drones hope but delivers pain and loss”
  • “Years passed and hope never faded, this is what made mankind special”
  • “…the distance from home was growing by the second like an aggressive cancer”




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