You Are Not Alone (Review)


  • Title: You Are Not Alone
  • Author: Leah Carey
  • Pages: 180
  • Genre: Women’s Literature
  • Price: $13.49 (as of 01/24/2015)


Sparked by the hashtag YesAllWomen, which was trending worldwide in late May after a vicious killing spree targeting women, experiences of being a woman are balanced with rich narrative and detailed inspiration in this book.

You Are Not Alone book cover


Carey notes that there are no biases in the book and shows all perspectives in the conversation for YesAllWomen from men who supported and trolled the tweets along with women who supported and trolled the tweets. The format of the book drives the digital discourse that inspired this book. There are numerous YesAllWomen tweets throughout the book, all that are powerful and mind opening. Carey features writers in the book from a workshop she held to give people the platform to share their stories.


  • I enjoyed this book because it helps drive the path for understanding women’s issues, fear and concerns
  • This book collectively invigorates the need for this conversation
  • I was in awe of the words of the writers and their ideas, particularly when they were asked to write to their 12-year-old self


  • “In their tweets, women took the opportunity to describe – in 140 characters or less – their experiences of harassment, discrimination, assault, sexism, and violence on an emotional, physical, and sexual level.”
  • “The act of women giving voice to their experiences was enough to incite a small, but vocal, group to violent words and the threat of violent action. Among these “trolls” were men who threatened rape and murder against the women who were using Twitter to share their feelings. They attacked women’s right to speak, to walk down the street, and to choose their own partner.”
  • There are no easy answers on the topic of women in today’s society. You will find thoughtful inquiry on difficult subjects.”
  • “#YesAllWomen because among my college daughter’s school supplies, we felt compelled to buy pepper spray, but not for my nephew.”
  • “Behind the #YesAllWomen tag, there is real tragedy and real pain. But there is also real hope & courage. And hope & courage=progress.”

RECOMMENDED FOR: Anyone who wants to keep the conversation going about expressing and listening to women’s fears and disparities.

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