Review Policy

Ashley and I are way behind schedule on current review requests so we must attend to those before we take on any new requests. If you are an author & we have already promised to review your book, it will get done. Please check back in Summer 2015 for submissions to reopen. Thank you.


I love indie authors but also read traditional and classic authors. Most books I read are free ones on Amazon Kindle and I do not differentiate between those and the ones authors send for review requests. Generally speaking, my tastes are eclectic. I prefer books without any romantic elements & the only genres I definitely don’t review are erotica and young children’s books. Otherwise, if you have a review request, please use the contact form or email me: coveredinbooks[at]gmail[.]com. I also do spotlights, author interviews and guest posts so please let me know what you’re interested in when contacting me.

Formats reviewed: ebooks only – please send a PDF so I can add comments directly to the PDF and return to you

Genres Reviewed: New Adult (NA) fiction in the below categories

  • How-to (non-fiction, obviously)
  • Female leads / women’s fiction
  • Comedy
  • Adventure / action
  • Crime fiction / murder mysteries
  • Suspense / thrillers / mysteries
  • QUILTBAG / gay-friendly
  • Travel / non-USA setting
  • Mash ups
  • Historical fiction
  • Literary fiction

Genres NOT reviewed:

  • Erotica
  • Young children’s
  • Romance
  • Religious

What’s Included in a Review?

  • Title
  • Author (website link)
  • Page Count
  • Genre
  • Price (buy link)
  • Description
  • Book Cover
  • Opening sentence & Excerpts
  • My Review, Rating & Recommendations (e.g. age group, light or heavy reading, etc)
  • Cross post to Amazon & Goodreads (if you provide me the links)


gold-star-transDid Not Finish (DNF) / Terrible

gold-star-transgold-star-transDidn’t like it / Had serious flaws

gold-star-transgold-star-transgold-star-transOK but nothing special

gold-star-transgold-star-transgold-star-transgold-star-transNow THIS is a good book!

gold-star-transgold-star-transgold-star-transgold-star-transgold-star-transAbsolute must-read ASAP!

 I also include half stars since some books honestly are in between gold-star-half-trans1

* Note: I DO NOT CHARGE FOR REVIEWS OR REDISTRIBUTE EBOOKS & ALL REVIEWS ARE MY OWN, HONEST THOUGHTS. I will not attack an author but I will critique your work, especially if you have any spelling or grammatical errors. Again, if you have any questions or would like to submit a review request, you can do so using the contact form or by emailing me: coveredinbooks[at]gmail[.]com.


4 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. Hi Melanie,

    I will send you a review request using the email you provided from the email below. Please check your spam.




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